Construction Testing Services

On site testing and inspection services are one of the primary aspects of quality construction. We employ ACI and IDOT certified field technicians who can help you meet the specifications required for the building trades.


Compaction Testing-with Nuclear Density Gauges

Fill, Backfill and Sub-Grade Evaluation and Observation

Conventional Footings Observation and Testing

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Tests

Proof-roll Observation and Verification of Subgrade Stability

Hydrated Lime and Cement Stabilization of Soil Subgrade



Sampling and Testing for Slump, Air Content, Yield, and Strength Testing

Floor Flatness Conformance

Test Cores for Strength and Compliance

Masonry, Mortar and Grout Prisms

Non-Destructive Swiss Hammer and Windsor Probe

Batch Plant Control and Testing




Asphaltic Concrete Properties and Strength

Extraction and Gradation of Bituminous Concrete

Field Density Testing with Nuclear Density Gauges


Other Testing Services


Soil Resistivity Testing (Wenner Four Pin Method)

Pile Driving Observation

Drilled Pier Observation

Footing Strength Tests with Penetrometers and Static Cone Penetrometers




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