Laboratory Testing Services

HFE participates in the AASHTO AMRL Laboratory inspection program biannually which performs an in-house observation and evaluation of our soil testing procedures. We also participate in the yearly proficiency sample tests for soils.

Our services include the testing of aggregates, portland cement concrete, soils, bituminous concrete and other materials in accordance with ASTM procedures.

Testing Services Include:

· Moisture Density Relationship Determination (ASTM D-698 and D-1557) Standard or Modified Proctor

· CBR/IBR Determination

· Sieve Analysis (washed or unwashed)

· Atterberg Limits

· Permeability Test

· Triaxial Testing (CU/UU)

· Consolidation Tests

· Specific Gravity

· Unconfined Compressive Strength

· Grain Size Analysis

· Field CBR/IBR Testing

· Soil Resistivity

· Concrete Compressive Strengths

· Bituminous Concrete QC/QA Laboratory


Let us perform your laboratory testing by submitting soil samples to us. We offer a quick turnaround on many of the tests listed above at affordable prices. Contact us for more information for pricing.

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